Oil Spill Plan

As Dart Harbour is situated close to the busy shipping lanes of the Western Approaches of the English Channel the risk of pollution from a vessel related incident is a very real one.
Dart Harbour staff are prepared and trained to respond quickly to such an incident. The oil spill contingency plan provides staff with guidance on how to deal with such an incident either within the harbour or approaching the harbour. It was produced in consultation with a number of statutory bodies and other authorities

The plan is specific to the harbour, associated pilotage areas and any vessels passing through the harbour’s boundaries

For further information please contact the Deputy Harbour Master on 01803 832337.

To report an oil spill

Contact Dart Harbour on 01803 832337 or the Environment Agency on 0800 807060 immediately.

What Dart Harbour will do then

On its staff Dart Harbour has two fully qualified Maritime and Coastguard Agency 5P level On Scene Commanders to deal with any oil spill incident. They can be supported by another further fully qualified person, who is located at Dart Estuary Environmental Management. Dart Harbour also has a contract with Adler and Allan to provide more support in the case of a substantial spillage.