Pilotage is compulsory in an area bounded by an imaginary line between Inner Froward Point and Combe Point and the weir at Totnes. The area is divided into two zones.

The outer zone extends from an imaginary line between Inner Froward point and Combe Point to the Anchor Stone. The inner zone extends from the Anchor Stone to the weir at Totnes.

As a general rule, pilotage is compulsory for all vessels over 50m in the outer zone and over 20m in the inner zone. There are specific exemptions, such as the big tripper boats, where their operators have their own pilot exemtion certificates. Applications for these special exemptions are dealt with by the Harbour Master.

Where a pilot is required Dart Harbour should be notified 72 hours in advance, with an update 12 hours before arrival and confirmation 30 minutes in advance of arrival, or movement within or departure from the pilotage area.

Vessels requiring a pilot should contact Dart Harbour on 01803 832337 or VHF Channel 11, call sign DARTNAV.

Where a pilot is not required some vessels still need to advise Dart Harbour as early as possible prior to entering, moving within or departing from the pilotage area. 

Surcharges on the normal rates of pilotage may be imposed or there may be a wait for a pilot should vessels not comply with the required notice for a pilot or the failure of the vessels’ arrival or departure within 30 minutes of its Estimated Time of Arrival/Departure.