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Miley – O’Day


Miley is an O’Day 22, fin keeled yacht. She is up for sale following lack of payment of harbour dues. Please see a short description below.

The vessel was found in tired and untidy condition, the interior was in poor overall condition. The coach deck showed areas of deflection / compression adjacent the mast step area, cracking of the deck laminates adjacent the mast step were evident – this would indicate the possible need for coach deck repair / mast support repair. In addition, heavy cracking was evident at the bow, around and adjacent the bow fitting – where the forestay is secured (I.e. the area of deck holding the mast upright is heavily cracked).

The vessels equipment was found to include and silver anodised mast, gold anodised boom. One mainsail and a spinnaker. The main sail was noted to quite crispy in texture, indicating it to be relatively recent – it is not known if this is the correct fit for the vessel (it was noted to stop some way short of the boom end. One elderly “Seagull” outboard motor was found fitted – the motor turned over though its running condition is unknown. One compass was found fitted.

If purchased, she must be removed from the harbour, or taken to a suitable yard for repairs etc.


She is listed for £250.

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Miley – O’Day