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Masters/Skippers should familiarise themselves with the routes and locations of the crossing ferries which are marked on the chart, since they can be difficult to spot, particularly at high water when they berth at the top of their slipway. Particular care is required on entry with the lower ferry on the Kingswear side as this is out of sight when berthed and can surprise vessels on the starboard side of the channel. Likewise, the higher ferry can surprise vessels outboard on the starboard side of the channel when it leaves Dartmouth as it can be obscured by Dart Marina pontoons and vessels.

The two lower car ferries that ply between Kingswear and Dartmouth – comprise a tug and vehicle-carrying float that is towed alongside the tug – are assessed as “restricted in their ability to manoeuvre” by the MCA and exhibit appropriate shapes/lights.

The wire guided Higher Ferry that crosses the river just below Dart Marina exhibits the same shapes/lights. Beware of submerged wires in the vicinity of this ferry.

See also Local Notice to Mariners for information on speed limits, diving and other information.