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Ops Update – November 2018

The latest news and updates from Dart Harbour – November 2018

Annual Open Meeting

Wednesday 5th December 2018 – 7.00 pm
The Flavel Centre, Dartmouth (Main Auditorium)

You are invited to attend The Dart Harbour Annual Open Meeting, Dart Harbour’s annual open meeting provides an opportunity for the board of Directors to share with the attendees an update of the work carried out by Dart Harbour on behalf of all their stakeholders, including an update of Dart Harbour financials and an opportunity for the Harbour Master/CEO to outline Dart Harbour future investment planning.

We would welcome questions from the public on any aspect of the workings of Dart Harbour. To ensure that questions are addressed appropriately we ask you to submit them ahead of the meeting.

The presentations and question session will be followed by an opportunity to talk to Board Members, staff and other river users and Dart Harbour will provide some light refreshments and drinks.


The ports sector in the UK is estimated to directly employ 24,000 people and generate value added of some £1.7bn. Including indirect, induced and wider activities undertaken in ports increases this to 101,000 jobs and £7.6bn value added.

Port and local economies

Ports and Harbours such as Dartmouth play an important role in local communities and economies in terms of leisure activities and fishing, as well as a source of employment and location for businesses.

The great majority of ports operate on a commercial basis without public support, in competition with each other (both domestically and abroad) and in some cases with other modes of transport. Sources of revenue include harbour dues, other charges for the use of the harbour and income from property

Effective engagement with stakeholders is essential for all Statutory Harbour Authorities such as Dart Harbour to maintain or improve understanding of the harbour by its stakeholders.

Engagement is equally important to understand stakeholder’s views about the harbour and key issues from their perspective.

Stakeholders will vary from harbour to harbour, but are likely to include, amongst others • local communities • harbour users – both commercial and leisure and their representative organisations • local economy, such as local businesses including suppliers • local government • central government • others – including employees, MPs and elected representatives

As well as the yearly open meeting there are number of other routes that Dart Harbour have in place to ensure a continued dialogue with all their stakeholders.

Dart Harbour Stakeholder Groups

There are three established stakeholder groups who meet regularly through the year. The meetings of the stakeholder groups are attended by a nominated board member and matters arising are brought to the monthly board meetings of Dart Harbour.

Notice of meeting dates and minutes are available on Dart Harbour website along with the contact details for the relevant Chairperson.

Attending Dart Harbour Board Meetings

Public Attendance at Dart Harbour board meetings is permitted for open agenda items and an opportunity at the start of each meeting for members of the public to ask the board questions, again meeting dates and minutes are available on the Dart Harbour website.

Visiting the Dart Harbour offices

Dart Harbour staff are always happy to talk to stakeholders in person at their offices or by phone or email. If there is a particular individual you would like to meet with, we suggest calling ahead to arrange a suitable time for you both.

We look forward to seeing you on the 5th December if you are able to attend.

From Mark Hubbard (Chairman)

Yacht Taxi Hours

The Yacht Taxi is now operating on its winter hours, between 1000 hrs and 1600 hrs daily. The service will not operate on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day. Suspension of services and other key information is shared with our customers via two of our social channels; Facebook and Twitter.

We would encourage you to follows us to see these announcements.

Dart Harbour Yacht Taxi contact information

Tel: 07970 346571

VHF Ch 69

Winter Preparations

From Josh Gooden (River Team)

Josh Gooden, is the youngest member of our team and joined us in July 2017 under an apprenticeship scheme. He is making excellent progress at South Devon College, where he is working towards a Marine Engineering Diploma (Level 2 and 3), while obtaining valuable work experience with Dart Harbour.

Winterise engine

  • Flush through with fresh water
  • Remove fuel tank if portable or treat fuel if built in tank
  • Drain fuel lines of fuel
  • Change oils and filters
  • Wash engine down
  • Grease prop shaft and propeller
  • Lightly grease exterior engine parts
  • Carry out oils and filter changes
  • Flush the engine with antifreeze and start engine to circulate antifreeze
  • Remove spark plugs if fitted and block the holes with clean rags
  • Clean the engine down with a soapy rag
  • Remove battery for both clean the terminals, put the battery on charge and store in a dry warm place
  • For both clean the bilges with soapy water so any oil and water is removed
Boat in water
  • Close all seacocks and check rudder shafts
  • Check your battery to make sure it is fully charged, clean terminals and make sure charging set up is working.
  • Check bilge pumps to ensure they are working and that float switches properly work
  • Monitor your boat regularly
Boat out water
  • Pressure wash boat and clean barnacles off props and shafts and rudders
  • Open seacocks to allow any water to drain.
  • Make sure batteries are charged and switches are off.

Dart Harbour
6 Oxford Street, Dartmouth, TQ6 9AL
01803 832337

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