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Safety Bulletin – Electricity Cables and Hose Pipes

It has been brought to our attention, by the UK Harbour Masters Association, that allowing cables to trail across pontoons creates a trip hazard and is a contravention of health and safety law.

If you are berthed on one of our pontoons with electricity, we request that you ensure that your cables do not cross the pontoon. Cables runs are to be kept to the minimum length and kept tidily at the edge of the pontoon.

When using the outside of Town Jetty please run cables and hosepipes through the pontoon joints, as shown in the photo, to prevent them becoming a trip hazard.

Over the winter we have had issues with a number of cables which are joined together with the plug laying on the pontoon, this often results in water getting into the connections and causing the RCD to trip. To avoid this please use cables that are long enough to reach from the pillar to the socket on your boat.

If you have any questions regarding cables please contact us.


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