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LNTM 01 2016 – Speed Limit on the River Dart

The speed limit on the whole of the River Dart is 6 knots. This extends out to sea to a line between Inner Froward Point and Coombe Point.

We are aware of occasions where craft have exceeded this limit, causing wash and interference to other river users. This speed limit is primarily to reduce the risk of collisions and enhance the safety within the harbour.

Prosecutions for excess speed do not require the authority to quote a specific speed in cases where it can be demonstrated that a craft is clearly exceeding the speed limit.

Excess wash is detrimental to the river banks, causes unnecessary erosion resulting in a decrease in depths on the river and may also damage moorings and vessels moored in the river. Wash must therefore be kept to a minimum even if this means proceeding at a speed of less than 6 knots.

All river uses are therefore reminded of the need to respect the speed limit and reduce wash where possible.

Mark Cooper
Harbour Master
1st February, 2017

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