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LNTM 14/2019 Kon-Tiki Raft Race

Kon-Tiki Raft Race

The Kon-Tiki raft race will take place 1200-1500 Saturday 24 August between the Higher Ferry and the Town Jetty.   A map of their planned route is below.

The rafts will be launched at the Higher Ferry slipway and head south on the Dartmouth side of the river around the east side of DA visitor pontoon.  The startline for the races will be from the visitor pontoon and then they will head south inside the commercial Ferry Pontoon,  inside the line of trot moorings off the North Embankment before crossing the finishing line off double steps.

Rafts will then be lifted out on the double steps and on the small slip inside the Boat Float.  Since these vessels will be restricted in their ability to manoeuvre (but not displaying RAM shapes)  there will be a number of safety boats in attendance.    Those not involved in the races are to remain clear of the area and give way to rafts.

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