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LNTM 02-20 – New Navigation Marks, Smith and Allcock

Effective until further notice.


Two new lateral marks have been installed up river at the following locations:-

Smith – Starboard lateral buoy, unlit, in position 50º23.466’N 3º36.182’W. This position is in the vicinity of the Cross Back Shoal.

Allcock – Port lateral buoy, unlit, in position 50º24.714N 3º38.936’W. This position is in Fleet Mill Reach.


For a PDF version of the new Harbour Guide, please see box on this page.

For further advice or navigational safety information relating to Dart Harbour please contact the Harbour Office on 01803 832337 or [email protected]

Robert Everitt
Assistant Harbour Master
Issue date: 21 Feb 2020



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