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LNTM 14-20 Stoke Gabriel Boating Association Race Marks

Effective until 31/10/20

SGBA have positioned four Racing Marker Buoys, which are blue, yellow and orange, in the following locations:-

  1. 50° 23.800’N 003° 37.556’W
  2. 50° 23.725’N 003° 37.610’W
  3. 50° 23.621’N 003° 37.419’W
  4. 50° 23.713’N 003° 37.309’W



These marks will remain in position until the end of October.

For further advice or navigational safety information relating to Dart Harbour please contact the Harbour Office on 01803 832337 or [email protected]


Robert Everitt
Assistant Harbour Master

Issue date: 24/08/2020

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