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LNTM 24-2022 Construction Work to Railway Bridge Between Totnes Weir & Brutus Bridge

All mariners are advised:

Network Rail will be undertaking construction and maintenance work to resolve the scour issue around a railway asset that spans 250m North East of Totnes, Devon.

The proposed activities are to be undertaken in the areas around the five in channel piers of the bridge. Works will include grouting, installing rock armour and rock rolls to the river banks adjacent to both bridge abutments, repairing the steel structure above the watercourse and repointing areas of masonry on the bridge piers.

Positions of the piers are as follows; (see chartlet below)

50°26.2523’N 003°41.1777’W
50°26.2824’N 003°41.1489’W
50°26.2953’N 003°41.1776’W
50°26.2648’N 003°41.2089’W
50°26.2633’N 003°41.2039’W











Mariners should note access may be restricted at times. For more information please contact Dart Harbour.

This local notice will remain in force until further notice.

Jack Handley

Assistant Harbour Master – Compliance

Issued 21/09/2022





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