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LNTM 07-2023 Kingswear Ferry Pontoon Nav Lights Out – 12/03/2022

All mariners are advised

Both sets of navigation lights, 2 F G (VERT), mounted on Kingswear Ferry pontoon are currently extinguished due to an electrical fault shoreside.

These are located at:

  • Kingswear ferry pontoon south – 50° 20′.920N  003° 34′.426W
  • Kingswear ferry pontoon north – 50° 20′.929N  003° 34′.417W

Until these lights are reinstated, two flashing yellow marks vertically mounted, 2 Fl. Y (VERT), been placed there as a warning.

Vessels should navigate with additional caution in this area during hours of darkness and restricted visibility.

This LNTM is in force until further notice.

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