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LNTM 12-23 Hosepipe Ban – Due to be lifted 25/09/2023

A Southwest Water hosepipe ban will come into force from 25/4/2023 covering the Roadford Supply Zone, which includes the whole of Dart Harbour.  This means that it is not permitted to use a hosepipe to clean a private leisure boat.  This includes use of pressure washers, including on our scrubbing grids.

Use of hoses to fill potable (drinking) water tanks onboard boats is still allowed.

Commercial boat owners, businesses carrying out boat cleaning services, and boats that are used as a primary residence have exemptions – these can be seen on the SWW website below.

When moving a small boat between the Dart and other locations, it is important to clean the hull with fresh water to avoid transfer of invasive species.  During this drought period, we would ask you to do this using a bucket and sponge or similar method to minimise use of water.

All river users – both leisure and commercial – are asked to keep use of water to a minimum, to ensure that taps are properly turned off, and also to report any leaks to us.

Further details can be found on the South West Water website


Paul Britton

Harbour Master & CEO

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