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LNTM 26-23 Sandquay and Admiralty Jetty works 21st August – 4th September 2023

All mariners are advised:

Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) will be conducting the ‘make safe works’ consisting of the removal of 6, steel floating pontoons surrounding the Admiralty Jetty, the removal of the jetty’s timber vertical fenders and the removal of the Sand Quay Concrete Dolphin floating pontoon during the following periods:

21st August – 22nd August – Survey work in and around the Sandquay area – using a Survey Vessel, who may be restricted in her ability to manoeuvre. 

22nd August – 27th August- Estimated dates for Pontoon removal

29th August – 4th September- Estimated dates for Fender removal

The works will involve the use of the vessel “Obervargh” and “Sgt. Pepper” as well as rigid raider small craft in the Sandquay and Admiralty jetty areas. Once the floating pontoons are removed from their position they will be towed to the Commercial Fore and Aft moorings of Dart Harbour Authority (to the North of Noss Marina) for short time whilst being prepared for sea towage out of the Dart Estuary. Whilst the pontoons are being towed the towing vessels will be of limited manoeuvrability.


All harbour users are advised to give participating vessels a wide berth, navigate with caution and reduce wash during these works. 

River users, including paddle sports and swimmers, are also requested to give all shore works a wide berth, follow advice from the vessels crew and directions from River Officers.


Any queries regarding these works, please contact Dart Harbour on 01803 832337 or via VHF Ch11 “DartNav”

Jack Handley

Assistant HM – Compliance.

Issued 16/08/2023

Valid until 5th September 2023

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