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LNTM 28-23 Dart 10k Swim – Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd September 2023

All mariners are advised:

Dart 10k Swim – Totnes to Galmpton

Saturday the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd of September 2023.

Effective until 5th September 2023

  1. Introduction:

This event involves 500 swimmers per day transiting downstream from Totnes to Galmpton in groups on Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd September. As a result, there will be large numbers of swimmers in the navigational channel in this area each day.


  1. Timings/ Locations:

Participants will swim from Totnes Public Slipway to Galmpton Creek. They will start in groups as follows:

Saturday 2nd September 

Last swimmer expected out of the water at 13:30

1st wave of swimmers depart Totnes   09:00
2nd wave of swimmers depart Totnes  09:15
3rd wave of swimmers depart Totnes   09:30
4th wave of swimmers depart Totnes   09:45

Sunday 3rd September

Last swimmer expected out of the water at 14:10

1st wave of swimmers depart Totnes   09:40
2nd wave of swimmers depart Totnes  09:55
3rd wave of swimmers depart Totnes  10:10
4th wave of swimmers depart Totnes  10:25

(timings and numbers are approximate)

  1. Route:

The route is 10km long, departing from Totnes and finishing near Galmpton Creek. The route is marked in red on the chartlet below. There will be anchored pontoons along the way for swimmers to rest, near Sharpham and Cornworthy.

Swimmers will be heading downstream, they ought to remain to the right of the channel until near Gurrow point, marked on the chartlet below, where they will cross to the port hand side of the river. Swimmers will be wearing swim hats (orange, red, white or blue). There will be a water safety team, using rescue craft and vessels. Dart Harbour will also be patrolling, contactable on VHF Ch11 “DartNav”.

  1. Safety information.

All mariners are to keep a good look out and navigate with extreme caution during the event times, keeping well clear of swimmers. Masters are to requested to follow instruction from the safety craft and directions from Dart Harbour Patrol vessels.

Jack Handley

Assistant Harbour Master – Compliance.

Issued 30/08/2023


Level Water – a note from the organisers.

The Dart10k is arguably the finest, 10k swim on the open water calendar.

The event captures the pure essence and ethos of the wild swimming community. A journey, not a race. Starting in Totnes, hundreds of swimmers will take on the River Dart finishing in Galmpton – Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd September 2023.

The river takes swimmers on a soulful journey towards Galmpton, punctuated by landmarks such as the Cormorant Tree and Sharpham boathouse. One of the most beautiful stretches of river in the UK, and a bucket list swim for so many.

Supported by volunteers from the local and swimming community, it is one of the most special events in the swimming calendar. The event is owned and operated by UK charity Level Water, who use the power of swimming to improve lives for children with disabilities.

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