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LNTM 29-23 Sandquay Maintenance Works – 18th September 2023 onwards.

All mariners are advised:

Contractors on behalf of Britannia Royal Naval College, will be conducting technical marine works as well as the full removal of the Concrete Pontoon Dolphin Structures at Sandquay.  The works will involve the use of a jackup barge and specialist equipment during the following periods:-

18th September – 1st December (Estimated)

Technical Marine Works:

The jackup barge will moving over 7 positions around the area of the Sandquay (5 locations) and 2 locations at the Admiralty jetty. During the works the Jackup will be in a fixed position for approximately 3 days before moving to the next location. It is estimated these works will be completed by 3rd October.

Dolphin Removal:

During mid October onwards the jackup barge will be positioned between the two concrete dolphins.


Southern Dolphin – 50° 21′.623N 003° 34′.757W

Northern Dolphin – 50° 21′.631N 003° 34′.780W

During this time the multicat and carrier barge will potentially be transiting between Sandquay and Totnes ferrying materials and equipment for loading and unloading, it is estimated that this will be undertaken approximately 3 times per week and at High Water periods only.

Whilst the multicat and carrier barge are transiting they will be of limited manoeuvrability and request a wide berth by passing vessels.

Restricted Areas:

All harbour users are requested to give the above works and any participating vessels a wide berth, navigate with caution and reduce wash when passing. In addition, for your own safety, can swimmers, kayakers and paddle boarders, please keep well clear of the Admiralty jetty and Sandquay area for the duration of the works.

Please follow advice given by contractors and directions given from River Officers.

If you require any additional info, please call the office or email [email protected]

Jack Handley

Assistant HM – Compliance

Issued 24th September 2023


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