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LNTM 31-23 – Wreck of MFV at Parson’s Mud (Between Noss & Dittisham)

All mariners are advised

There is the wreck of a 70ft wooden former MFV located in position 50°22.5 N 003°35.0 W on Parson’s Mud – on the Dartmouth side of the channel, located between Maypool and Greenway. The vessel has sunk at her mooring, well clear of the channel.

The vessel is awash at high water, with just the top of the superstructure visible. There is no risk to normal navigation, however has been  marked with an emergency wreck marking buoy and a yellow flashing light located 50m to the north of the wreck.

All mariners are asked to keep well clear of the wreck – at a distance of at least 50m, and minimise their wash in the area, when staff are working near.

Note that the owner of the vessel is unharmed and well, and their has been minimal environmental impact.


Paul Britton

Harbour Master

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