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LNTM 12-24 – BRNC Training Exercises – 12th to 20th June 2024

All Mariners are advised:

BRNC will be conducting exercises on the river Dart between Dartmouth Castle and the Anchor Stone from the 12-14 June and 16-20th June 2024 respectively.

The exercises will involve up to seventy Royal Navy (RN) Cadets and the use of RN Vahana craft an RN Motor Whaler small craft. RN Safety boats will also be in attendance and some vessels may exceed 6 knots for short periods, to assist with training within the exercise area. BRNC will be using pyrotechnics such as flash bangs & smoke grenades and firing blank ammunition; this will all be in various controlled areas throughout BRNC and on the River. A non-firing exclusion zone will be placed inside the red boxes in the images at the bottom of this notice.

BRNC training staff will be in attendance at all times and for the purposes of the exercises, various items of kit will be placed at random locations within the harbour and its facilities. These items will be clearly identified as belonging to BRNC and should be left alone if found by harbour users.

All harbour users are advised to give participating vessels a wide berth and navigate with extra caution during these exercises.

Issued 10th June 2024

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