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2024 & 2025 Temporary Waiting List

Sometimes Dart Harbour residential berth holders are unable to use their berth due to various reasons, i.e., sale of boat, boat away cruising etc. Dart Harbour maybe able to allocate these berths on a temporary mooring contract for a period up to 31st March the following year. We cannot guarantee a berth will be available in subsequent years.

These moorings are charged at the permanent berth holder rate as detailed in the current Dart Harbour Schedule of Charges. Dart Harbour can give no guarantees that a berth will be allocated to you or on the location/type of berth. An administration fee is only charged if a berth is allocated, there is no fee for joining the list. An administration fee of £32.00 will apply for a main berth temporary allocation and £16.00 for a dinghy or tender temporary allocation –

Please note it is up to you to apply for a temporary mooring each year. Applications for the following year can only be accepted from 2nd January onwards, i.e., applications for 2025 can be accepted from 2nd January 2024.

Temporary mooring contracts are only available to persons already registered on the main Dart Harbour mooring waiting list and cannot be used before buying a boat or to change your current permanent berth.

If you also need a berth for a tender, please complete the form twice.

Temporary Mooring Application Form
Please confirm you understand the above, and your boat is already on the Dart Harbour waiting list for a permanent berth