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Dart Harbour Waste Management

Dart Harbour’s current contractor separates and recycles harbour waste and approximately 60 percent of all waste deposited in harbour facilities is recycled.  Any person found illegally disposing of hazardous material (eg flares, batteries, oil etc) will be prosecuted. Link to Dart Harbour’s Waste Management Plan.

Location of Waste Facilities

  • The waste pontoon is located in the middle of the river, just north of the fuel barge.  There are facilities to recycle a variety of waste types.   Waste from vessels in Dartmouth should be disposed of on the waste pontoon.
  • There is a waste skip on the southern end of the Town Jetty for vessels berthed there, but the trade skips belonging to the restaurant “Platform 1” should not be used for waste from boats.
  • There are also waste facilities at Dittisham and Stoke Gabriel.

Waste Types and Tips

  • Please bag and bin your rubbish and recycle and re-use when possible. If you find that the bins are full , please ring the Harbour Office on 01803 832337.
  • Seagulls love opening up waste bags and strewing the waste out over the ground or into the river, so please do not leave waste bags on pontoons to discourage this.
Hazardous waste

Batteries, oil or other hazardous waste should not be placed in, or on, the waste skips, as this contaminates the skip, and then the waste cannot be recycled.  Please take it home or contact Dart Harbour who can dispose of small amounts in approved facilities.  There may be a charge to do this.  A list of hazardous waste types is shown below

  • Batteries, tyres and painting waste including old containers, rags and paint brushes
  • Oil Waste – Small amounts of up to 20 litres can be disposed of at our Hoodown Workshop. Large amounts of oil or commercial users – by arrangement with Dart Harbour – a charge will be made.
  • Electrical waste and old electrical appliances.  Please take to a recycling centre. Items should not be left on any pontoon or facility.

Please return to your supplier where possible.

Ocean Safety in Plymouth have a disposal system in place however there is a charge, and it’s subject to their capacity. (Phone: 01752 341787)

Please do not leave on any facility or pontoon.


Portable Tanks – Fill portable tanks and spare fuel containers away from the water’s edge. Do not overfill tanks and always provide drip trays.


If you see (or accidentally cause) a pollution incident, please report it straight away. The same applies even if you only suspect pollution (eg: dead fish, excessive foaming or water discoloration).  Contact Dart Harbour on 01803  832337 or the Environment Agency on 0800 807060 or South West Water 0800 781 1403.


Untreated sewage from yachts is unsightly and a health hazard. Use shore-side facilities whenever possible and never discharge chemical toilet waste into the estuary.

There is a sewage pump out facility at Darthaven Marina, please contact them on 01803 752242 or VHF Ch 80 for availability and costs.

Please note, that beyond Dartmouth the nearest pump out facilities are at Yacht Haven Marina at Mount Batten, Plymouth or Weymouth Marina.

International Catering Waste

Dart Harbour does not accept International Catering Waste (ICW). Any vessel arriving at Dart Harbour wanting to dispose of ICW must contact the Animal Health & Veterinary Laboratories Agency on 01392 266373 and make their own arrangements for disposal of this waste.