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Invitation to Public Meeting – North Embankment Access Improvements, Feb 06 2020


Dart Harbour is keen to gather views from our customers and stakeholders on a potential development on the North Embankment in Dartmouth.

A public meeting will be held on the 6 Feb 2020 at 1830 hrs – 2000 hrs in the Guild Hall. Spaces to attend are limited to 50.

Please register to attend by following the link below.

Following that meeting, further feedback will be sought from those unable to attend. Please click link for the feedback form Feb 20 Feedback Form v2


As part of its vision and strategic objectives, Dart Harbour is considering a project to enhance use and access to the water on the North Embankment, including the landing at the Double Steps.  Key aspects of the vision and objectives relevant to the project are:

  • An overarching vision ‘To manage, protect and enhance the River Dart as a safe and thriving community asset.’ and
  • A strategic objective ‘To develop a rolling infrastructure and facilities investment and maintenance programme, with emphasis on promoting access to and accessibility of, the river.’

At a high-level, the constraints and opportunities relevant to the location have been reviewed and the preliminary design brief has been established as:

“The development of concept proposals for improving access on the North Embankment.    With full consideration to the project drivers, stakeholder interests, constraints and opportunities, the concept proposals should seek to address the following as a minimum:

  • Potential for the introduction of a berth for the Noss to Dartmouth Ferry
  • Improve public accessibility to the pontoon increasing safety
  • Improve access to the water for a range of river users and stakeholders”

Dart Harbour is keen to hear from stakeholders and users of the area, particularly the Double Steps landing, at an early stage to guide the review process, assist in finalising the project brief and inform the development of concept proposals, which will include a ‘Do Nothing’ option.

At this stage, we encourage you to focus on your experiences of using the facility; what you would like to see in any development and if there is anything you are opposed to.

Early-stage consultation is also being undertaken directly with relevant stakeholder groups including parties with a property interest in the area.


As announced at the Annual Open Meeting a public meeting is to be held on the 6 Feb 2020 in the Town Hall where those attending will be able to provide their views and learn about the initial feedback provided.  A presentation will be made on the work to date and further feedback sought.  This consultation exercise will, however, remain open beyond the 6 Feb 2020, to capture feedback arising from the meeting, from those unable to attend and additional project information will be provided on these pages with further opportunities to provide input.

Ultimately a formal consultation will be undertaken on emerging options and concept proposals.

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